range of bandwidth of universities using Kerberos

Hillel Weintraub hillel at fun.ac.jp
Wed Apr 23 06:03:56 EDT 2003

During a visit to Stanford University recently, I was surprised to see 
users entering the campus network from a variety of places, both inside 
and outside the campus. At my university in Japan, the security is very 
strict,  and I can't access most of our data from outside of our 
firewall and our single building campus.
         How, I wondered , could Stanford manage to let their users log 
in from anywhere? The security to do this was provided by Kerberos, I 
was told. When I returned to my university, I recommended that we look 
into using a system like Kerberos which would allow our faculty and 
students (about 1300 members, each with at least one computer) to 
utilize more of the network from outside of campus through a safe 
password encryption system.

       The response I received was that most American universities have 
a bandwidth of 1G, while our university is operating on a bandwidth of 
6 M.  I'm wondering, is this lack of bandwidth a reason for not 
installing a password encryption system allowing us to use our network 
from outside the firewall. Are there any examples of universities using 
Kerberos with a limited bandwidth?

Any information would be appreciated.

Hillel Weintraub
Future University - Hakodate
Hokkaido, Japan

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