Kerberos Backend for LDAP

Matthew Smith matt at
Tue Apr 15 08:50:07 EDT 2003

Does anyone know of a Kerberos backend for LDAP (preferably 
SunOne/iPlanet or OpenLDAP)?  I AM NOT talking about authenication (I 
know about GSSAPI/SASL, and {KRB}:Princ), but rather, I would like to 
see princ information via an ldap interface.  I would like to open up my 
LDAP utility, bind to this LDAP interface, and see information such as 
enc-types, modified time, expiration time, etc (obviously, a schema 
definition would be necessary).
In the end, I would like to combine this interface with my "Enterprise 
Information" LDAP server, behind some sort of LDAP proxy, to provide a 
single cohesive LDAP view of all my "Identity" information.

Any direction is greatly appreciated!  Thanks,

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