Permission denied in replay cache code

Rick mail at
Mon Sep 30 00:07:15 EDT 2002

Why would I be getting this message?  My gss client and server do rapidly
negotiate but they are separate.  I'm sure of this.  I've heard there are
bugs in the replay cache code.  Has anyone else heard of this?

thanks in advance

"Sam Hartman" <hartmans at> wrote in message
news:tsl65wrywte.fsf at
> >>>>> "Rick" == Rick  <mail at> writes:
>     Rick> I'm using the GSS-API in an application server I wrote and
>     Rick> periodically get the message "Permission denied in replay
>     Rick> cache code".  It appears to be the result of a failed call
>     Rick> to gss_acquire_cred().
>     Rick> I can't find any information on what the replay cache is,
>     Rick> how it works.  Does anyone have any idea why I'm getting
>     Rick> this error?
> It's used to make sure that a request that the system has already
> received isn't duplicated.  It generally lives in /var/tmp and takes
> the form rc_host_0 or or rc_servicename_uid
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