Post-installation rlogin error

Mike Friedman mikef at ack.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Sep 27 13:55:21 EDT 2002

On Fri Sep 27 10:24:10 2002, Breeze Howard said:

> Thank you! Thank you!  That was it.  I hadn't even looked at that, because I
> was looking for something more Kerberos related.  /etc/hosts didn't even
> list the FQDN, just the short version.  I learn something new everyday. :)

Glad to help.

For the record, I did misspeak in my earlier note.  I said,

>> The Kerberos libraries do a gethostbyname(gethostbyaddr()) of the IP
>> address of the server host to figure out the host service principal name.

But I had it somewhat backwards.  I should have said something like this:

   The Kerberos libraries do a gethostbyaddress(gethostbyname()) of the
   application server hostname as requested by the client.

So that, for example, gethostbyname( gives ''.
And, on your system as it was configured, gethostbyaddr( would
return just 'citest'.


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