Win logon to a MIT Kerberos V KDC?

Turbo Fredriksson turbo at
Fri Sep 27 07:28:30 EDT 2002

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Lee Steadle <esteadle at> writes:

    Eric> Let's see... DES-CBC-CRC and DES-CBC-MD5 according to the
    Eric> "step by step" guide.  Can you try removing all other
    Eric> encryption types from your KDC and trying again?

'remove all other encryption types from the KDC'... This is a live
KDC... Couldn't find a option for 'modprinc' that can remove keys
from a principal.

    Eric> I'm baffled by the inability to disable
    Eric> pre-authentication. Gotta see a packet trace to understand
    Eric> that.

I got that solved eventually. I had to disable it on all three principals:


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