Win logon to a MIT Kerberos V KDC?

Turbo Fredriksson turbo at
Thu Sep 26 16:21:24 EDT 2002

>>>>> "Douglas" == Douglas E Engert <deengert at> writes:

    Douglas> Check that under the System Properities->Network
    Douglas> Identification->Proprities->More the "Change primary DNS
    Douglas> suffix when domain membership changes" is not checked.

'NOT checked'!? I thought it said 'IS checked'! Not that it did
any change, but thanx.

    Douglas> On that previous screen the Full computer name is the
    Douglas> hostname, and the Workgroup name is the realm. So the
    Douglas> principal of the host is host/<Full computer
    Douglas> name>@<Workgroup>

Yeah, got that much. This is correct on my system.
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