replicating windows 2000 principals

Christos Ricudis ricudis at
Thu Sep 26 07:11:21 EDT 2002

Dear kerberos users. 

I am trying to replicate the kerberos database from a Windows 2000 AD
server to a UNIX krb5 KDC. Problem is that, although Microsoft mentions
kprop in its Kerberos 5 interoperability document, this service is
nowhere to be found in Windows 2000. 

Some documents in MSDN report that "windows 2000 is not using the
kerberos replication protocol for replication of the user database, but
a proprietary ADSI based protocol". 

Is there a way to replicate the Windows 2000 kerberos database on a UNIX
slave KDC? 

Thank you very much,
Christos Ricudis				Systems Administrator
ricudis at			
IT Support Center, Aristotles University of Thessaloniki, GREECE. 

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