OpenSSH and GSSAPI patch

Marc syn_uw at
Wed Sep 18 09:26:22 EDT 2002


I was using successfully OpenSSH 3.1p1 with the GSSAPI/MIT patches from to authenticate to a w2k server. Now I want to install the 
latest version of OpenSSH which is 3.4p3 and so I patched it using again 
the GSSAPI patch and used the MIT kerberos v1.2.5 libraries but now I 
have a minor problem:

To be able to ssh onto the SSHD server which is Kerberos enabled I need 
before to do a kinit else it's impossible to login. Before with OpenSSH 
3.1p1 I could simply enter my passwords and it would work. What did 
change, how can I get this feauture back again so that in case i didn't 
do a kinit it will accept the password from prompt ?

Many thanks


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