Kerberos and network frames

Frédéric ESNOUF frederic at
Mon Sep 16 04:06:37 EDT 2002


I would like to know if someone can give me some information about kerberos
and the network frames.

I recently had to use a protocol analyser to see what was going on and saw
that I don't have a lot of information such as :

    * Why/when TCP/UDP
    * Structure of the data stored in a kerberos frame

I tried to find some info in the RFC but did not find all the details I was
looking for.

Also, I wonder if there is a parsers form Microsoft Netmon. This protocol
analyser can decode until UDP, but after all the kerberos portion of the
frame is displayed as DATA (I mean a bunch of hexa caracters).

Thanks for your help.

Frédéric ESNOUF
frederic at

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