Distress Call

Stella Abiola stellaabiola at 37.com
Tue Sep 10 17:20:01 EDT 2002

I am MRS STELLA NGOZI ABIOLA, one of the many widows of the renowned
business tycoon, late Chief M.K.O.Abiola, who died while in detention
on the 7th July, 1998 following the crisis that arose after the cancellation
of the Presidential election he won in Nigeria (1993) by the then Military
Since my husband’s death, I have suffered so much hardship and discrimination
from the large family of my late husband.  Above all, I have been forced
to face violent and painful traditional and cultural practices.  They
claim I was a mistress to my husband who fathered the only child I’ve
got.  His elder sons and many other senior wives are at the moment battling
with series of Court Cases over our late husband’s WILL.
I have been reluctant to take the step I am about to take now, but I
see it as my only way out of troubles.  Now listen to me, - I need your
help, if you can.  If you cannot, please, inform me so that I can know
what next to do because I cannot discuss this matter with more than one
person at a time.
I have access to about Fifteen Million United States Dollars ($15,000,000.00)
which my late husband deposited with a Security Company abroad.  The money was
deposited for his foreign partner but before he could submit the documents
that have the name of his foreign partner, he was arrested and detained
by the then Abacha led Military Government hence, his death.  I want
to reclaim this money and move it to any foreign account (your own) as
my only benefit for Bolanle, my daughter and myself.  I have made enquiries
and all that is required is getting somebody abroad who will stand as
the beneficiary(i.e. as his foreign partner) and an attorney who will
carryout the legal paper work as to acquaint you with Power of Attorney
and other legal documents necessary.  So, I need your assistance as beneficiary
of this fund and to take charge of this money.  Out of the money, you
will need to help me invest and manage a certain percentage of my share
in your country or possibly get a trust company to set up a trust account
in favor of my daughter so that whether I am dead or alive, she will
continue with her life and education.
So, if you can help me as I have requested, you will take 20% of the
total sum for your effort and keep 30% aside for my relocation cost and
invest and manage the rest in good faith. We may need to enter into a
written bond for my security.  Therefore, if this request attracts your
convenience, kindly send me an urgent return mail to indicate your interest
and preparedness so that I can link you with the Attorney whom you will
deal directly with.
Please, this is strictly confidential as my husband’s family members
are not aware of the existence of this money or my plans to leave Nigeria
to settle overseas with my daughter and they should not be aware.  The
rest of the details will be forwarded to you as soon as you respond.
Thank you and God bless you.
Yours truly, 
Mrs. S.N.Abiola  

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