EAP - Kerberos for Wireless AP

eichin-krb@thok.org eichin-krb at thok.org
Sat Sep 7 12:21:05 EDT 2002

> 2) Any one implemented Kerberos client on  VxWorks for embedded systems such
> as Wireless Access Point

   Linkname: Security Issues in Embedded Networking
        URL: http://www.mit.edu/people/eichin/embedded-kerberos.html

Talks about a straightforward port of the libraries and simple_client.
It is ancient (1994), though krb5-based; noone seemed to care that
much at the time, except for a group at NASA that (briefly) wanted a
GSSAPI-ftp library for vxworks-68k.  That code was included in
kerbnet, I believe.  There wasn't much to it at the time - nailing
down a few cross-compilation values in config.cache, splitting things
out so that you don't even try to build the applications, compensate
for the lack of a calendar-clock and any fixed storage, that sort of
thing.  (At the time, "implement ftp as a library" was a bit of work,
but I think that code shipped with kerbnet.)

It'd probably take a month to polish it all up again, given modern
hardware and sdks, and some familiarity with krb5 and autoconf.

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