kadmin, kadmind - A token was invalid

Miroslav Zubcic miroslav.zubcic+news at zesoi.fer.hr
Tue Nov 26 04:08:20 EST 2002

tlyu at mit.edu (Tom Yu) writes:

> Did you compile with the 64-bit option turned on?


gcc -O3 -mcpu=ultrasparc -m64 +Hacking few Makefiles to have
consistent run time library paths (RPATH) and `-m64' flag always set.

> Which release are you building?

1.2.6 (I don't use krb4 compatibility code).

> I believe that the as-released code for 1.2.7 and earlier is not
> 64-bit clean, especially in the RPC code used by the kadmin
> protocol.

Everything else seems OK, I can get ticket with kinit etc ...
Only kadmin is broken. :-( I have read archive of kerberos mailing
list and found one mail from man with 64bit HP-UX with the same
problem, but this dated was back in 2000 year.

Maybe if I compile kadmin/kadmind + all libs like 32bit apps and rest
of kerberos like 64bit apps + libs to put in lib/sparcv9? Nasty and
boring procedure, but this MAY work (or not?).

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