krb5.exe for Windows

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Mon Nov 25 20:33:41 EST 2002

You must be using a very old version of krb5.exe and the related
Kerberos for Windows dlls.  All recent versions have used an in-memory
cache as opposed to a file to store the credentials.

In article <008701c29480$0553d4e0$2b03a8c0 at mummert.priv>,
Klaas Hagemann <kerberos at> wrote:
: Hi,
: i use krb5.exe for windows to get kerberos-tickets in windows.
: It requires the dll-files in the winnt-directory.
: So it writes the krb5cc-file (the kerberos ticket cache) as well in
: c:\winnt.
: This leads to problems for multi-Users using krb5.exe on the same host.
: Is there any way to configure an alternative path for the krb5cc-file (maybe
: in the krb5.ini?).
: Thanks for any hints,
: Klaas
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