Problem using pam_krb5 + sshd on Solaris

Josef Kelbler kelbler at
Thu Nov 21 12:14:35 EST 2002

Thanks Paraq for information that you use sshd with PrivilegeSeparation.

I also installed it and my problem is resolved.

I think in the pam_krb5 there is a fault.

I tested pam_krb5 module with several configuration, debugging it and got



Telnetd 0 10 1005 10

Sshd 0 1 1005 1 (no separation)

Sshd 1005 10 1005 10 (with separation with user sshd)

Here 1005 is ID of connecting some_user.

Group 10 is staff.

Group 1 is other.

pam_krb5 creates CCache in /etc/krb5cc_1005. It creates it with EUID.

For sshd without separation the created file /etc/krb5cc_1005 had:

-rw --- --- some_user other

Then pam_krb5 changes by means of "chown()" ownership and group to users:
here to some_user and staff.

This chown() hands back error.

I think by means of this EUID=1005 and EGID=1 there is not possible change
this file.

> It's 8.45 pm here in India and I am about to leave

> for home. I have already got two calls from my

> mother.

I have your time minus 5 hours.

I live in Czech Republic in Prague.



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