Urgent Letter from Zimbabwe

Dr.Wilfred Mboyo mboyo99 at email.com
Thu Nov 21 13:35:43 EST 2002


                                     URGENT BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP

Firstly, I have to introduce myself to you. My name is Dr Wilfred Mboyo from Zimbabwe. I 
was the chairman of contract review panel in my country before the problem of the land 
reform program.
Before the escalation of the situation in Zimbabwe I recovered $16.8Million US dollars from 
over inflated contracts by some government officials. But I was a member of the opposition 
party the MDC(Movement for Democratic Change), and the ruling Party, (ZANU PF) has 
been against us. So I had to flee the country for a neighbouring African Country which I am 
currently residing.

Before the escalation of the situation in Zimbabwe I had not reported The recovery of my 
findings to the panel. So this money was in my possession and I lodged it in a security 
company here in Africa and currently this money has been moved to their security branch in 
Europe. I have been trying to fly to Europe but it has been difficult  for me to get a visa from 
Africa. So I want you to help me make claims of this fund($16.8m) in Europe as my 
beneficiary and transfer the money to your account or any account of your choice before I 
can get a visa to fly down. So that we can share this money.

I have agreed to give you 10%,which would be ($1.6Million dollars) of this Money for your 
assistance, and 85% would be mine and the other 5% would be set aside for any expenses 
that we may incure during the course of this transaction. And my 85% would be invested in 
your country in any profitable business propossed by you. 

We have never met, but I want to trust you and please do not let me down when this fund 
finally gets into your account. Please if you are interested, get to me through the email 
address below to enable me feed you with more details and all necessary documentations. 

Please treat this as confidential.  (  mboyo2000 at post.com   or   mboyo2001 at email.com )


Dr.Wilfred Mboyo

NOTE: In the event of your inability to handle this transaction please 
inform me so that i can look for another reliable person who can assist me.

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