Does a dog you know have trouble walking?

Koufax Costell koufax at
Mon Nov 18 19:33:18 EST 2002


I recently ran across your email address when I was doing a search
for "dog-walkers" and "dog-related" businesses on the Internet.

Our company, Bottom's Up Leash, manufactures a fantastic new
dog leash which was designed for dogs with rear-end problems
such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, or broken bones.  This leash can
improve the quality of life for dogs or cats with these sort of
problems.  Since you are a pet lover like we are, I thought you
might know of a dog that could benefit from using this leash.

We sell our leashes for $24.95 (plus shipping & handling).  My
dog "Watson" lived to be 17 years old with arthritis and
was still able to walk with the help of the leash.

Good luck and best of health to you and to your pet.  If you
have any questions, please feel free to contact me, or you
can visit our website at


For more information please contact us at:
Contact:        Koufax Costell
Email:            koufax at
"A new "leash on life" for your dog or cat."

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