Problem compiling pam_krb5 on Solaris 8

Parag Godkar paragg at
Tue Nov 19 04:54:31 EST 2002

> The utility "ktutil" does not demendent on creation of pam_krb5 process.
> comes from MIT Kerberos suite.
> To find out if "ktutil" is right covered by another shared libraries, try:
> ldd /usr/kerberos/bin/ktutil

Many Thanks for the pointer. That really helped.
Everything appears to be working fine. I can "telnet"
as well as "ssh" to my Solaris Server with my kerberos

Now, Josef I am free to help you solve your problems
on Solaris with kerberos.
I am not an expert when it comes to Solaris but you can
put questions to me and extract info from me.

Basically in our setup, Windows 2000 advanced servers
act as Kerberos Servers and the Red Hat Linux servers
& Solaris Servers act as Kerberos Clients.
So people doing telnet or ssh to linux or solaris servers
get authenticated from windows 2000 server.  Thus they
have to remember only one password for their windows
login as well as for unix.

This is how I did my work on Solaris -

The pam_krb5 from Solaris was not
compatible with ssh and compiling new pam_krb5
from required MIT kerberos.

So I obtained MIT kerberos - krb5-1.2.6 from
And I compiled it as follows -
( Mr. Sam Hartman from this mailing list was helpful to me in this. )
./configure --without-krb4

I obtained pam_krb5 via CVS from
as follows -

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous at login
  -- pressed ENTER when prompted for password.
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous at co

I compiled it as follows -
( Needless to say you - Mr. Josef have been most helpful here )
./configure --with-krb5=/usr/kerberos

The Openssh server running on my Solaris Server is
openssh-3.4pl obtained from
and installed as a package using pkgadd -d openssh-3.*

That's basically my config for Solaris 8.

Parag Godkar

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