Ticket lifetimes > 10 hrs?

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Thu Nov 14 22:36:31 EST 2002

>>>>> "nemesis" == RCU  <nemesis at icequake.no_spam.net> writes:

nemesis> Yes; I have set the following principals to issue 7d tickets:
nemesis> krbtgt/MYREALM
nemesis> afs
nemesis> K/M
nemesis> krbadm
nemesis> username (of the user)

nemesis> I agree that having to modify the individual principals makes
nemesis> it pretty difficult to administer.  But regardless, this
nemesis> should work AFAIK, and I can't seem to figure out where the
nemesis> problem is.

Interesting.  Given what you've done, it should be possible to kinit
as the user and get a lifetime up to 7 days.  What is the the output
of the kadmin "getprinc" command for the principals you listed above?


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