Error on call to SSPI function AcquireCredentialsHandle

Tony Hoyle tmh at
Sat Nov 9 17:13:51 EST 2002

On Fri, 08 Nov 2002 17:56:19 +0100, Christian wrote:

> Now, when calling AcquireCredentialsHandle in my SSPI application (
> AcquireCredentialsHandle( NULL, "Kerberos", SECPKG_CRED_OUTBOUND, NULL,
> NULL, NULL, NULL, &cred_handle, &expiry  );
> ), I get :
> SEC_E_NO_CREDENTIALS : Error in AcquireCredentialsHandle: No credentials are
> available in the security package
You get this if you're not logged into an Active Directory.  If you're
only logged into an MIT domain you can only be a client
(SECPKG_CRED_INBOUND) not a server.


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