Error on call to SSPI function AcquireCredentialsHandle

Christian cgregoir99 at
Fri Nov 8 11:56:19 EST 2002


I have a Kerberized application on a Win2k machine. The KDC is on a Linux
machine (named calimero.cisoft.lan) along with the Kerberized service. The
realm name
is CISOFT.LAN . ksetup on the Win2k gives :

default realm = CISOFT.LAN (external)
        kdc = calimero.cisoft.lan
Mapping all users (*) to administrateur.

When running kinit on the Win2k, i do get a TGT. klist gives :

Ticket cache: FILE:C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\krb5cc
Default principal: administrateur at CISOFT.LAN

Valid starting     Expires            Service principal
11/08/02 17:07:35  11/09/02 03:07:35  krbtgt/CISOFT.LAN at CISOFT.LAN

Now, when calling AcquireCredentialsHandle in my SSPI application (
AcquireCredentialsHandle( NULL, "Kerberos", SECPKG_CRED_OUTBOUND, NULL,
NULL, NULL, NULL, &cred_handle, &expiry  );
), I get :
SEC_E_NO_CREDENTIALS : Error in AcquireCredentialsHandle: No credentials are
available in the security package

What am i doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance.


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