Kerberos for Windows

Christian cgregoir99 at
Fri Nov 8 02:57:23 EST 2002

"Sam Hartman" <hartmans at> wrote in message
news:87ptth8b0v.fsf at
> US citizens within the US may go to and
> follow the links to download binaries and sources from MIT.

I should have told you I had already tried ... That's the point. I live
outside ouf the US. I could get the sources from the Crypto Publishing
Project, and build and run it on Linux. So far so good.
Now, i want to build it on Windows. I gave a go, following the indications
in the README file in the src/windows directory. But i get errors when
compiling with MSVC++ 6.

I don't really mind looking for what's wrong ( looks like the makefile seems
buggy, refering to reps that don't appear in the Win distrib -
appl\gss-sample or client\kvno for instance). But if I could skip that step
and get the binaries ... :-)

Dead end ??

By the way, what's the reason for MIT not providing the sources to people
outside of the US, when in the same time, on their web site, a link to the
Crypto Publishing Project is given ??



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