Problems in installing kerberos on Solaris

Sureshbabu Nair suresh_solaris at
Mon Jun 24 08:18:22 EDT 2002

I have been trying to install kerberos on Solaris.
after installation, creating the configuration in
/etc/krb.conf  and /usr/local/var/krb5kdc/kdc.conf,
and creating database and acl file, when creating the
kadmind keytab using kadmin.local utility, i ran the
following command
shell% /usr/local/sbin/kadmin.local
kadmin.local: ktadd -k 
=> kadmin/admin kadmin/changepw 

i got an error saying unknown comand, i cannot go
further from here because it gives an error when
starting the daemon.. i am not sure what to do about

Can anyone help me out there?


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