Michael T. Dean mtdean at
Thu Jun 13 01:52:56 EDT 2002


Thanks for the quick reply, and for giving me a description of what to 
expect.  In hindsight, it seems that is the question I should have asked.

What I've been seeing is the third situation you described (I was using 
protocol 2 without GSSAPI support, so the server authenticated through 
Kerberos and got my ticket).  I just tried connecting with protocol 1, 
and it worked without a password (as I now understand OpenSSH 3.2.2p1+ 
should do out of the box).

Now that you've given me the reference to Simon Wilkinson's patch, I'll 
get protocol 2 working.

Thank you so much for saving me countless hours of "wild goose chasing."

Wow.  You answered all my questions by answering a question I didn't 
know to ask--IMHO, the mark of a true expert.  :)


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