Kerberos Deployment Experiences

Cy Schubert - CITS Open Systems Group Cy.Schubert at
Tue Jun 11 11:01:20 EDT 2002

In message <tslhekbm7wn.fsf at>, Sam Hartman writes:
> You are aware of course that Kerberos and NIS do fairly different
> things.  Kerberos is not a directory; it only stores authentication
> information, not account preferences, etc.
> I generally find myself deploying Kerberos and LDAP in conjunction to
> replace NIS.

Over the years I've used NIS and NIS+ in conjunction with Kerberos by 
putting a "*" in the password field.  If people are not ready to deploy 
LDAP yet, this can be an interim step to getting there.

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