win2k and kerberosV(mit)

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Mon Jun 10 17:55:51 EDT 2002

It sounds like you have a Win2K Pro machine (say, WIN2KPRO), and you are
trying to add a realm (say, REALM) to it.  You want to map
WIN2KPRO\LocalUser to realmuser at REALM.COM.  If I'm wrong about your
setup, please correct me.

If so, then:

1. logging on with WIN2KPRO\LocalUser (with the local password) should
not generate any traffic on the KDC-- it's a local logon.  Kerberos is
not involved.

2. Logging on with realmuser at REALM.COM (with the Kerberos password)
should generate KDC traffic.

If you're unsure, use tcpdump or Netmon to take a sniff.

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> Subject: win2k and kerberosV(mit)
> I have recently followed the how to for a win2kpro to use a 
> mit kdc server. I followed all of the directions. I then 
> rebooted the win2kpro (windows 2000 professional). Ichecked 
> to see if I had different domains. Namely the domain that is 
> in question was the kdc domain name and the name of the 
> standalone win2kpro. I noticed that I had both domains. I 
> then mapped a user from a win2kpro user to a user at REALM using 
> the ksetup utility. Of course I had created a local account 
> already for the user on the win2kpro. I then tried to use the 
> account using my newly created domain. I had success. Now 
> that I have painted this picture let me tell you what went WRONG.
> I checked the krb5kdc.log file and saw no activity.
> I checked the kadmind.log file and saw no activity.
> I tried to logon to the win2kpro machine with a user that was 
> created for the local machine BUT was not mapped to the mit 
> kdc. I was successful in logging on via the kdc domain.
> Thus how can I tell when I truly have interoperability.
> Josef De Vaughn Allen
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