Antti Niemi atniemi at
Mon Jun 10 04:19:36 EDT 2002

Hello all!
 I'm having serious trouble getting a kerberized openssh working. My kdc
is a w2k server and I'm trying to get openssh authenticate via the active
directory. My host machines are redhat 7.3:s and the kerberized openssh
version is openssh-3.2.3p1-1, and they are compiled from srpms. When I say
kinit, the kerberos configuration seems to be okay because I get tickets
from the kdc. 
 Now if I try to ssh to one of my RH:s I get the error message "Kerberos
v5: krb5_mk_req failed: Server not found in kerberos database". So could
anyone please give me a hint where to dig for solving this problem, I'm
new to kerberos and to be honest not a linux pro either - just know the
basics pretty well. I've configured the sshd_config and ssh_config files
though and am certain that those are ok.

Best regards, Antti				

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