Kerberos and OpenBSD/UltraSparc

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Tue Dec 17 17:39:07 EST 2002

Joe Sunday <sunday at> writes:
> 64 Bit. As best as I can tell, OpenBSD on Ultrasparc doesn't
> support a 32 bit userland at all. (Someone please correct me
> if I'm wrong.)

Yeah, then it's definitely just broken code in the krb5 tree.

If you feel like grabbing the development sources and trying to find
the problem (I know we've already fixed at least one problem relative
to the 1.2.x branch), let me know.  Since all our sparc systems here
run Solaris, 32-bit mode is the main priority.  (We do testing on some
64-bit-only platforms, but they're little-endian.)

> I guess we'll just change platforms and try again in a 32 bit
> environment.

That works too....


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