Authorising via non-root user

Sergei Grigoriev sergei_grigoriev at
Tue Dec 17 17:12:16 EST 2002

Sorry Olekisy - I should have been more explicit.
The Unix host running the daemon is not a KDC - does the environment
variable you quote apply to GSSAPI calls on non-KDC machines also?



"Oleksiy Melnyk" <Oleksiy.Melnyk at> wrote in message
news:1040115530.711013 at upc-dot.upc.intranet...
> Try to set
> in your service daemon's environment.
> Sergei Grigoriev wrote:
> > What do I need to do in order to
> > allow a non-root user to run this daemon and successfully test incoming
> > service tickets via GSSAPI?

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