Kerberos 64 bit compiles

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 16 17:06:00 EST 2002

Jim Barlow <jbarlow at> writes:
> I was wondering if the kerberos code (1.2.6) has any problems compiling
> under a 64 bit architecture?  Has anyone had success/failure with doing
> it?

As others have indicated, it works pretty well on little-endian
platforms, but on big-endian platforms there are bugs lurking.

> I have tried it on an Intel IA64 bit machine and have run into problems
> where the application servers drop the connection when I try to forward
> tickets.  I have also tried it on a 64 bit AIX Regatta machine and the
> login.krb5 binary core dumps and the kadmin command has GSSAPI errors.

I have had an IA64 build work fine in one configuration, and lose in

The failing configuration was the Red Hat Linux 7.1 installation on
our test machine, with gcc-2.96.  We have a small number of places in
our code that pass structures around as function arguments, and this
version of gcc compiles them incorrectly on IA64.  Once upon a time,
this was a pretty unreliable thing to do, but it's been a standard
part of C for a long time now, so I'm not inclined to root out and
change all instances of it in our code.

The working configuration was a Debian Linux ("testing/unstable") in a
chroot environment on the same machine, with Debian's version of
gcc-2.96, which had the struct-passing bug fixed.

However, I'm working with the development trunk, which will become the
1.3 release, not the 1.2.x branch, and I have only been trying the
in-tree tests, not random applications.

You didn't say what OS you were using, but if it's Red Hat 7.1, try
getting a compiler that works (such as from the Debian sources or
maybe a gcc development prerelease version) and see if that helps.


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