Kerberos 64 bit compiles

Elliot Lee sopwith at
Thu Dec 12 16:23:47 EST 2002

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Jim Barlow wrote:

> I was wondering if the kerberos code (1.2.6) has any problems compiling
> under a 64 bit architecture?  Has anyone had success/failure with doing
> it?
> I have tried it on an Intel IA64 bit machine and have run into problems
> where the application servers drop the connection when I try to forward
> tickets.  I have also tried it on a 64 bit AIX Regatta machine and the
> login.krb5 binary core dumps and the kadmin command has GSSAPI errors.
> I have compiled on both machines in 32 bit mode and everything runs
> without a problem.  Didn't know if there were any known problems/issues
> compiling kerberos in 64 bit mode.

FWIW Kerberos works fine for all my uses under Linux on the Alpha, IA64,
and x86_64 architectures. There aren't any big 64-bit problems lurking
that aren't OS-specific.

-- Elliot
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