Kerberos 64 bit compiles

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Thu Dec 12 15:56:23 EST 2002

OpenVMS has MIT Kerberos 1.2.6 building in a 64 bit environment on Alpha.
We're still in the testing phase, but so far, everything looks good.  An
earlier version of Kerberos for OpenVMS was also built for 64 bits.
We've had to make a few minor changes, but nothing substantial.
If you want to look at the earlier code (1.0.5), it's available from
the OpenVMS Kerberos web site at:

We'll post the 1.2.6 code once we release the newer version.

And our next work item after releasing the 1.2.6 version is to port
to IA64.

	Wayne Morrison
	Project Leader,
	Kerberos for OpenVMS

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I was wondering if the kerberos code (1.2.6) has any problems compiling
under a 64 bit architecture?  Has anyone had success/failure with doing

I have tried it on an Intel IA64 bit machine and have run into problems
where the application servers drop the connection when I try to forward
tickets.  I have also tried it on a 64 bit AIX Regatta machine and the
login.krb5 binary core dumps and the kadmin command has GSSAPI errors.
I have compiled on both machines in 32 bit mode and everything runs
without a problem.  Didn't know if there were any known problems/issues
compiling kerberos in 64 bit mode.


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