Kerberos newbie questions

Oliver Baltz WEZMGVLDNJJA at
Tue Dec 3 09:57:41 EST 2002

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Hi there,

I hope someone is ready to answer me some "beginner" questions :-) I just
start asking...

1. Is Kerberos suitable for securing WebSites? (Background: Single sign-on
for web-based applications on different domains using different technologies
like PHP, JSP, ... They're all under a common administrative control)

2. If so, which browsers respectively operating systems do support
kerberos-enabled WebSites? Can Kerberos-support for webSites be installed

2. Is it possible to use a LDAP directory server to store each user's access
rights, and let the ticket granting server use LDAP to decide whether it
grants a ticket or not?

3. Are there any commercial implementations supporting all of that?

Thank you in advance!

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