[galib] Question about evolve method

Francisco Abad francisco.abad at um.es
Tue May 9 12:38:02 EDT 2017

Hi everyone, I'm new with GALib and I have a little question about 
"evolve" method of GAGeneticAlgorithm.

I want to run the same algorithm several times so I create the 
GAGeneticAlgorithm object with all the needed information and then I 
execute the evolve method several times over the same GAGeneticAlgorithm 
object. I'm wondering if this is correct or if I'd have to create a new 
GAGeneticAlgorithm object per execution. The docs are not clear about 
this, I've read that evolve method calls initialize method, but I'm not 
sure if this is correct.

Thanks in advance,

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