[galib] I am confused by some code in function GARealGaussianMutator

jbluesun jbluesun at 126.com
Thu Feb 13 01:41:58 EST 2014

I'm confused by some code in GARealGaussianMutator().  The code starts from line 161  in file GARealGenome.cpp of version 2.4.7. As following:
if(nMut < 1.0){ // we have to do a flip test on each element

In the IF clause, a FOR statement does flipCoin judgement on each gene. It seems that the code is probably mutating multiple gene just as the comment says. In the following ELSE clause, only one gene will be mutated.
What I'm expecting are just reversed by these code. I think that only one gene should be mutated when nMut < 1.0 and multiple when the else. 
Who can tell me why the code dose so? 
What the exact meaning of nMut here?
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