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Natalia Iglesias de Amunategui natalia.iglesias at casadearriba.net
Wed Jan 9 15:16:59 EST 2013



I have been asked to implement the(μ + lambda) selection strategy with
GALIB. Basically, in each evolution, a new temporary population with the
same size as the original population would be created, both populations
should be merged and a new population would be created with the popsize best

So basically for the selection of new population:

·         For each generation,  offspring are generated from μ parents and
crossed and mutated

·         New population is the best μ individuals selected from the μ
parents and lambda offspring

·         Implements elitism


I have been taking a look to the galib code of the steadystate algorithm and
I think this is precisely the strategy it implements. Should that be the
case,  I do not need to extend GALIB, I just  have to use the existing
steadyState algorithm with nReplacement = popsize, and I would be
implementing this selection strategy. Is this assumption correct, or am I
missing something here?


Thanks in advance,


Natalia Iglesias

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