[galib] GAlib in C#

Davide davide.ferrari.85 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 18:20:15 EST 2012

Dear All,
I'm going to use the GAlib library for my thesis project.
Up to now I have writen all my project in C#, using Visual Studio, so now I
have to import the library in my code..
I have built the library and get the .lib following this guide:


After some days of searching, it seems that the best method to use C++
library in  C#  is to create a wrapper in managed C++, so that (maybe) I
will able to add a reference to the managed C++ library.
I'm not sure if this works, since there is no well documented examples and
dissenting opinions as you can see from the answers of my posts:



So, I kindly ask to you what do you think about, if you have any suggestion
about how to use GAlib in C#.
Please, I'm quite discouraged, I want to use galib but I have just written
a lot of rows of code in C# and I would avoid to re write all in C++..
Thanks a lot in advance and sorry for my poor English.
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