[galib] Parallelization of ga.step()

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We did this.  Unfortunately, the function CPopulation.evaluate is not declared virtual, so you can't just derive a class from CPopulation to replace it.  You need to write your own GASteadyState.step to call your own evaluate.

I think most objective functions are independent enough to be ideal for parallel execution.

-Todd Campbell
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we are using GASteadyState and GARealGenome to optimize a system where each individual's evaluation takes some seconds. Has anyone worked with parallel execution of individuals?

We are currently using GASteadyState::step(). Are there methods of GASteadyState to control evaluation on an individual basis?

In case not, we're likely to modify GASteadyState::step() to execute each individual inside a thread (all threads will be joined in the end each step).

Thanks in advance, Gustavo.


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