[galib] A representation question as a GAlib beginner

zhangh1@umbc.edu zhangh1 at umbc.edu
Fri Apr 15 14:04:33 EDT 2011


I am new to GA, and wonder whether somebody can help me to set up the
representation for a common problem (should be:). Basically I have a
structure pool of size 10000 and try to find the best combination of 100
(no overlap) that can generate the ideal experimental results. I plan to
make the an array of size 10000 as the pool, and choose the array index as
the parameters that I want to evolve. I am thinking about using
GA1DArrayGenome of integer type ranging from 1 to 10000 to do this job,
and have 2 questions:

1. How to make sure each of the 100 genes in the genome is unique (and
ignore the child containing 2 or more identical genes during the

2. Is evolving over the index a good choice at all? Or any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot for any help!

Best Regards, John

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