[galib] A help request for genetic operators

Guillaume Massé guillaume.masse at polymtl.ca
Thu May 20 12:34:36 EDT 2010

Dear Zixuan,

I found the awnser of your question in GA1DArrayGenome.C ( nothing in the
documentation )

// Randomly pick elements in the array then set the element to any of the
// alleles in the allele set for this genome.  This will work for any number
// of allele sets for a given array.

// Randomly swap element in the array

I also belive that GaLib is a powerfull library. But there is a lot of
things missing:
-Functor support for any kinds of operators ( crossovers, mutations,
objective, etc )
-Better documentation

Guillaume Masse

> Dear fellow galib users,

I have been learning and using galib247 and it's been very helpful. I

do have trouble looking for a description for the genetic operators

such as different mutation and crossover schemes. For example, what do

FlipMutator and SwapMutator do for a GARealGenome? I can guess their

meanings from examples but still it would be better to read a detailed

description. I can't find it anywhere in the galib documentation,

maybe I have overlooked. If someone could point to me where the

documentation is it would be greatly helpful.


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