[galib] Mini-Symposium on Recent Developments in Derivative-Free Methods for Engineering Optimization]

José F. Aguilar Madeira jaguilar at dem.ist.utl.pt
Thu Feb 11 06:57:58 EST 2010

CALL FOR PAPERS: Mini-Symposium on Recent Developments in
Derivative-Free Methods for Engineering Optimization

2nd International Conference on Engineering Optimization
Lisbon, Portugal, Sept. 6­9, 2010

In the last decades we have witnessed a substantial increase of
computational power together with major developments in optimization
techniques which allowed to tackle newer and harder engineering
optimization problems. Nevertheless, challenges still remain:
noisy functions, expensive function evaluation, legacy codes are
some of the reasons which motivate the application of Derivative-Free
Optimization (DFO) techniques in engineering. The purpose of this
mini-symposium is to bring together researchers developing or
applying DFO techniques in engineering optimization. We encourage
new theoretical developments in DFO algorithms for single or
multi-objective optimization as well as their application for solving real
engineering problems.
Theory should support the convergence of the algorithms considered.
Submissions presenting novel developments
or critical reviews are welcome.

Authors who wish to present a talk are invited to submit a title and an
abstract by March 5, 2010, using the online submission system of the
EngOpt 2010 conference and selecting this mini-symposium as a
primary topic. See: http://www.engopt2010.org/.

Co-Organizers: J.F. Aguilar Madeira*, A. L. Custódio**, and H. Pina****

* IDMEC/IST, Portugal (jaguilar at dem.ist.utl.pt)
** CMA/FCT-UNL, Portugal (alcustodio at fct.unl.pt)
*** IDMEC/IST, Portugal (hpina at dem.ist.utl.pt)

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