[galib] Need Help Please in the objective function structure

Oly Mo o_morad3 at yahoo.fr
Thu Sep 3 11:53:53 EDT 2009

Would you please help me in the following requests:
1-In my program I have a for loop in each iteration I have to make a genetic algorithm run my problem is :how before starting the genetic algorithm run   I can send two arguments to the objective function, these arguments must be used in a formula to evaluate the real genome   one of them depend on the index of the loop.,,so how I have to declare  and invok my objective function to receive three arguments ,the first is the standard argument GAGenome&g then mytwo  arguments. A portion of the code  is below, I have gotten this code from example21 but I have added the loop cause I need to do a number of genetic algorithm run.
float Objective1(GAGenome& g)
int length = n;
GARealAlleleSet alleles1;
GARealGenome genome1(length, alleles1,Objective1);
GAParameterList params;
params.set(gaNnGenerations, 500);
params.set(gaNpopulationSize, 110);
params.set(gaNscoreFrequency, 10);
params.set(gaNflushFrequency, 50);
params.set(gaNselectScores, (int)GAStatistics::AllScores);
params.parse(argc, argv, gaFalse);
for(j=0 ; j<size;j++)
{//Here the objective function should receive the two arguments one of them is the index of the loop
//Begin Genetic run
GASteadyStateGA ga1(genome1);
ga1.set(gaNscoreFilename, "bog1.dat");
//End Genetic run
2-If I want  to receive the best solution of a genetic algorithm run is the following syntax correct?
genome1 = ga1.statistics().bestIndividual();
I am really very thankful if someone help me,
Best Regards

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