[galib] Discard solutions

mika supern3t at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 03:53:44 EDT 2009

Hello everybody,
I'm trying to use galib and genetic algorithms for the first time, so
I have a simple question for you!

There is a way to reject a solution in the objective function?
I'll try to be more understandable: this is the pseudocode describing
what I want to do:

float objective(GAGenome &g)
	GARealGenome genome = (GARealGenome&)g;

                if(!possibleSolution(genome.gene(0), genome.gene(1))
                             DISCARD GENOME
                    return genome.gene(0)+genome.gene(1);

where possibleSolution() is my function that cheks if the solution is
admisible or not.

So, you could say "why doesn't you give a score=-999 when
possibleSolution returns false?". Because I've seen that it produces
an early stop of the search returning a solution with score -999!!

Thank you in advance

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