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> you have a description of the matlab algorithm(s)?  is the C/C++  
> code for the matlab implementation available? 

Thanks for the answer. I apologize if the next few sentences are stuff that
you know very well - the Matlab algorithm is written in the Matlab
programming language, which is for the most part not too different from the
basic C constructs (assignments, mathematical operations, decisions,
loops); it has (restricting myself to commenting the basic language
constructs) also the possibility to do loops in an implicit way by using a
special notation when acting on arrays and also to easily select a subset
of an array. So, maybe the foregoing was for you old news: I wanted to say
that if for you this Matlab programming language is familiar enough I can
try to figure out what are the important parts of the algorithm and send it
to you, because I think all of it is provided as source code that is
compiled just before execution (if I have understood correctly the
compilation part). Please let me know. I must add that I have not yet
explored all of the files of the Matlab algorithm, so there could be some
parts of the code that are provided as compiled code rather than as source,
and in that case unfortunately it would not be possible to get the source.

In addition I have found a description of how the algorithm works, that at
first sight seems too generic to be able to identify exactly the algorithm
- there are some further links that describe more in detail how the
mutation and crossover are realized, but for example there is no reference
to details such as caching. In any case the link is this:

@Fábio Roberto

>...  I usually test several
> parameter combinations using this IDE:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/galib-ide, that I am the author. Its
> beta (semi alpha) now, but I think its usefull.

Thanks for the link, I will play a bit with the IDE tomorrow.

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