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Simao Soares simao.soares at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 09:57:01 EDT 2008


I'm new to galib sorry for these questions but a little help will be very
I'm using galib with visual studio 2008 (vc9). My task with the galib is
very simple but i'm having some problems to do that.
I want my genome to be a integer value (the value must be in a defined
range), I already defined a function that gives a fitness to the integer.

What is the best genome from the package to this particular problem?

In vc I'm having some problems giving the objective function to the genome "
GA2DBinaryStringGenome genome(width, height,Objective);"  ---> >error C3867:
'Objective': function call missing argument list; use '&Objective' to create
a pointer to member.

Thanks in advance,

Simão Soares
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