[galib] Antwort: GAlib: how to initialize my first generation's individuals in real numbers (not zeros) ?

Kupfer, Michael (ARC-AFA)[UC SANTA CRUZ] Michael.Kupfer at nasa.gov
Wed Oct 1 12:38:03 EDT 2008

Hello Torsten, Hello Yi!


I am myself a GAlib beginner but what I'd suggest is to write your own initializer.

I believe there even should be some examples.

But here is a code snippet from my application.

What you have to do is basically replace what I did in the MyArrayInitializer with your desired real numbers.

Maybe this helps.






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//------------------- own initializer ----------------------

void MyArrayInitializer(GAGenome & g)


      int sep_value;


      GARealGenome &genome = (GARealGenome &)g;


      // set first gene to the ETA_f

      genome.gene(0, unit[0].arr_f);


      //[SNIP ... ]

//check for some constraint violation


// set the other genes ...

      if(unit[i].arr_f > genome.gene(i-1) + SV)


            genome.gene(i, unit[i].arr_f);




            genome.gene(i, genome.gene(i-1) + SV);



//---------------------end of own initializer--------------------------


//--------------begin of main------------------------------------------


int main(int argc, char* argv [])


      // declaration of the GAlib included random number generator      

      void GARandomSeed(unsigned s = 0);


      //[SNIP ... ]


      GARealGenome genome(alleles, Objective); 





      //[SNIP ... ]






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Dear all, 

I have the same problem like Yi Zong. Please, could somebody help us? 

Best Regards 


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[galib] GAlib: how to initialize my first generation's individuals in real numbers (not zeros) ?




Dear all, 
  When I use Galib to optimize, I want to initialize my first generation's individuals in some real numbers (not zeros), which I think they are in the best results range. That is to say, the first generation is specified as some numbers by myself and not gets diverse by random seed. 
  How can I realize it? 
  Thank you in advance, 

Yi Zong
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yi.zong at risoe.dk

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