[galib] Error initializing floats

Fábio Roberto Teodoro fr.teodoro at gmail.com
Sun May 25 16:38:35 EDT 2008

Doing some experiments with the GARealGenome, i stated that if the lower bound 
of gene is -inf (-std::numeric_limits<float>::infinity()) the GARandomFloat() 
always return -nan. I think that, for example: if i set the allele as [-inf, 
+inf] it should return any float.

Follow is the excerpt from my debug session:

GARandomFloat (low=-inf, high=inf) at /usr/include/ga/garandom.h:106
106       float val=high-low; val*=_GA_RND(); return val+low;
(gdb) print val
$47 = inf
(gdb) print val+low
$48 = -nan(0x8000000000000)

Now I can't think of a solution for this, or maybe this can be done in another 
way in GAlib.

If this is really a bug I'll try to fix it and post a patch to this list.

Any sugestion is wellcome.


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