[galib] how in install GALIB

LiuDan akyi_dan at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 19 17:55:15 EDT 2008

I am doing a project on Genetic Algorithm using Visual C++ 2005. 
Anyway, I was having the lots of problem as many of the new members in this mailing list. I cannot compile ex1.C.
I am a very new beginner of Visual C++ 2005. I couldn't really understand the Installation guide. 
Can you help me to figure out those problems below?

1 how to set the includes path so that the directory in which the GAlib headers are located is searched?
2 how to set the compiler to use strict ANSI compilation?
3 how to set the development environment to use the C++ compiler on .C files(this is the /TP flag in MS Visual C++). 
4 how to enable RTTI in Visual C++.

I hope you can show me how to install GALib in Visual C++. Thank you very much.



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