[galib] Python binding for GALib

Anselmo Pitombeira anselmop at sc.usp.br
Sun Oct 28 14:07:46 EDT 2007

Hi, everybody. I am studying the boost.python library, which allows 
seamless interoperability between Python and C++, and I was wondering 
whether it would be profitable to have an GALib interface for Python. I 
am currently interested in simulation optimization, and I am using an 
excellent Python module called "SimPy". Besides, I have my genetic 
algorithms written in C++, and I'd like to use them to optimize my 
simulation model written in SimPy. I could use IPC, but I think this is 
too awkward and platform-specific. Another option is to write the GA's 
from scratch in Python, but I think this wouldn't be much clever. 
Finally, I came across the idea of interfacing GALib with Python by 
means of boost.python. What do you think? Have any of you ever tried to 
do this?

I look forward to your answers.


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