[galib] GAlib showing error in VC++ 6

Peter Jay Salzman p at dirac.org
Fri Nov 30 08:52:17 EST 2007

On Fri 30 Nov 07,  3:09 AM, Shaiful Islam <tipu_98_cse at yahoo.com> said:
>    Sir,
>    i have downloaded GAlib 247 2 days ago. while execute your example, more
>    than 100 errors showing ! i am using visual C++ 6 and windows XP.
>    i have seen some mail regarding the same problem in your mail listing
>    archive, so i think this problem has already been solved.
>    Please response .
>    Thank you in advance
>    Md. Shaiful Islam

Hi Mr. Islam,

Yes, that problem has been encountered before and fixed.   You can find the
solution to your problem either here:

or here:


Hope that helps.


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