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Chris Chapman cnchapman at msn.com
Mon Mar 12 12:22:51 EDT 2007

Try changing the Random number library in gaconfig.h.   I had a similar 
problem when using RAN3, but it went away when I changed to RAN2.

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From: assia <assia at videotron.ca>
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Subject: [galib] ex26 of GALIB
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 07:46:14 -0500

Hi every body,

Please, I need some hleps!

I'm trying to use ex26 for my problem's optimization. I adapted it for my 
needs. I create a new Class of objects, and converted all ex26's functions 
for using my object insteed integer. All things are OK  objective, mutator, 
intializer and crossover  functions.

My problem, I think  is in Garandom, I found the same result each time. I 
did some modifcations in seed, but I had the same results. The program take 
randomly the object in the same area, by the bounds (413 in my exemple in 
files with this mail).

  with tihs mail, I join two exemples of results I gererate with my program.

Could you help me please to understand this problem and find a good result.
If you need any other nformations just mail me.

Best regards.
PS: I'm sorry for my bad english...

<< result13.txt >>

<< result12.txt >>

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